Health status, disease and death are
expressions of greater inequality.

Access to and quality of care are driven by the same social
forces that shape human rights violations in the US and abroad.

HHR Strategies works with private clients and nonprofit organizations
to educate, reform and improve health and justice.

Centers of Focus

Health Policy
& Politics

Policy and Politics are major drivers of
advancements in equality, access and health care.
As the world faces economic pressure to rein in the costs of health and care. This is done through the continual work with and for domestic and international elected officials, policymakers and government affiliations.

Innovation & Technology

The future of health outcomes depend on the disruptive forces shaping access and care.As technological advances are made each day, the ability of developing and developed countries to improve the speed, cost and quality of care is unparalleled. With a group of digital, mobile and tele-health experts, who advices many startup companies and accelerator programs, dissemination and understanding of innovation is at the forefront of HHR Strategies efforts for clients.


The work of nonprofit organizations is instrumental in bettering population health outcomes.Whether mission-driven associations, community outreach or actionable policy activists, community change often come from the work of those outside the private sector and academia. HHR Strategies experts are affiliated with many nonprofit organizations, and help bridge their work with those in the private, public and academic arenas.

Equality & Justice

Health is a direct result of the greater world around us.Equitable access to food, housing and health care are the greatest ways to ensure better individual and community outcomes.

Through addressing and advising on societal issues such as food deserts, housing insecurity and the justice system, HHR Strategies experts are committed to improving health by promoting social justice for future generations.

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